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Direct Debit Georgia ( I/N 205130464) LLC is a subsidiary of the Express Technologies company, which is part of the BGEO Group JSC. Established in 2006, the company has been successfully operating in the payments industry throughout Georgia for 12 years already.

Direct Debit Georgia LLC finds locations for placement of self-service terminals, ensures their technical support and maintenance, as well as accumulation of cash paid by customers through the terminals.

Self-service terminals allow customers to pay for any types of services, including banking and non-banking services, mobile operators' services, utility payments or purchase of cinema and theater tickets, within shortest time possible. In addition, depositing cash on a ‘Metromoney’ travel card, which is a universal means of payment for public transportation, is possible only through Direct Debit Georgia terminals.

There are up to 3 000 self-service terminals offering 24/7 customer services throughout Georgia

Direct Debit Georgia LLC is a winner of the Public Service Hall’s 2016 auction, which implied placement of self-service terminals in the Public Service Halls across Georgia. In addition, the company provides technical support to the Bank of Georgia’s self-service terminal network. Last year, the company launched a new project, allowing the petrol filling station owners to immediately reflect the daily cash turnover in their bank accounts by depositing cash through self-service terminals. Direct Debit Georgia for many years has been providing support to the City Hall/municipality transport service, which includes acceptance of passenger fares (amounts) through the self-service terminals.


Direct Debit Georgia finds locations for placement of self-service terminals, ensures their technical support and maintenance, as well as accumulation of cash paid by customers through the terminals. To ensure fast access to quality services, the Direct Debit Georgia introduced the services that are based on a single-window principle, which implies placement of cashier operators in the following localities:
Public Service Halls;
Service Development Agencies;
Medical institutions; KazTransGas-Tbilisi LLC offices;
Customs Clearance Zone Batumi

  • Specialized Self-Service Terminals

    The company introduced its new project-a specialized self-service terminal in 2017. This terminal is designed for the companies with high daily cash turnover. By depositing cash through a specialized self-service terminal at the end of the day


    the companies can avoid a relatively lengthy procedure of collecting and depositing money on their accounts, as well as additionally save human resources and, most importantly, reflect their daily turnover in their bank accounts.

    Specialized terminals are widely applied by some huge petrol and gas filling station networks available in Georgia, such as:

    • Gulf Georgia;
    • SOCAR Georgia Petroleum;
    • Neogas;
    • Rompetrol N.V.


  • Public Service Hall

    Direct Debit Georgia LLC has been successfully operating at the Public Service Halls, accepting payments for various public services since 2012 and up until now.

  • Medical Corporation Evex

    Direct Debit Georgia’s LLC cash registers have been placed in various regional medical institutions. The company has been operating in all the clinics run by the Evex Medical Corporation JSC. The project was commenced in 2011. The number of cash registers is expected to increase with expansion of the network.

  • Batumi International Container Terminal LLC

    Payments for customs duties and other services at Batumi International Container Terminal LLC have been accepted through the Direct Debit Georgia’s LLC cash registers since 2011 and up until now.

  • KaztransGaz Tbilisi LTD

    Starting from the same year and until present, the Direct Debit Georgia’s LLC cash registers ensure acceptance of payments for customer services at the KazTransGas-Tbilisi offices.

  • Public Register

    The single-window principle is applied for acceptance of all types of payments for public services at the Public Registry.  Launched in 2016, this project has been successfully implemented up until now.


July 12, 2018

You can purchase the contactless plastic cards at the self-service terminals as well

Starting from August 1st, Batumi Municipal Transport Fare will be paid only through non-cash payments, by means of the contactless plastic cards of “Bank of Georgia”, […]

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